Splash Wall

The Infant Area is (or, more to the point, was) separated from the water table area by a rather unattractive rail.  I was tasked with the design and construction of a more attractive barrier that would also serve as a splash guard for the corner of the Infant Area that is closest to the water table.  Here is the “before picture”:

As you can see, the barrier had consisted of a mere rail and afforded an uninterrupted view into the water table area, creating a visually cluttered appearance.  Since I could not remove the rail, I had to work around it.  I made the end piece by making a plywood template so that the holes on the end piece of the wall would line up precisely with the rails and the footing.  Obviously, the end piece was made in two pieces and then joined by interior connectors.  The picture to the right shows a close up of the end piece.

After the end piece was in, it was a fairly straight forward matter to enclose the front and back with the same tan colored Starboard (a marine grade plastic building material, perfect for spots apt to get splashed).  I made the front enclosing piece higher than the back so that I could attached a piece of blue Plexi over which the Infant Area sign would go.  To conform with the rest of the design, I made the top wavy and echoed that waviness in the blue backing for the sign.  After the front and back were attached, I had only to put the cap on it, but realized that if I put a horizontal top piece, people would be inclined to sit on it – a clearly a no-no.  So at the last minute, I made the top piece slanted to avoid this problem.  When everything was buttoned up, I attached the Yellow Submarine (whose story you can read here) to the front of the wall and that was that.  Below are pictures of the rear of the wall and the final product as viewed by someone first entering the space.