Underwater Scene

Frequently, projects must be stuck into this or that odd corner.  The Cause and Effect display rested in what was essentially a large closet with no door.  While the display looked nice enough in that cubby, there was left a rather large, conspicuously empty space above it.  Since the manager of the Discovery Center wanted a graphics panel installed above the display, I decide to take advantage of the situation and extend the display all the way to the ceiling and, as it were, call it art.  I thought the empty space above the Cause and Effect module might make a nice underwater scene.  I covered the front with a large piece of blue Plexi  and used the empty space within to suspend some aluminum fish we had from a previous display.

I designed the graphics display mentioned above so that it would tilt forward, thus making it easy for the parents to see as they sat on the floor with their children.  To the right side of the graphics panel, I constructed a set of cubbies for activity boxes.  Below is a picture of the graphics panel resting on the original cabinet while the individual modules were being refurbished.

Finally, I needed a wave effect for the space behind the blue Plexi.  I tried a wave effect GOBO we had from a previous exhibit, but it didn’t render the right look.  I decided to build my own.  I took some scrap Plexi, heated it with a craft gun, and pressed it over a ½ dowel I had cut lengthwise.  This served to make a long rectangular Plexi strip with wavy bends.  I then took two of those pieces and wrapped them around a clear drum.  Finally, I set the drum on some bearings and attached a motor from a Bar-B-Q spit to make it rotate.  You can see a video of it here before installation and  here  is a video of the finished display with the wave effect in action.