Yellow Submarine

The Discovery Center had an interesting series of photographs that depicted how an adult would see a human face vs. how an infant would see the same face at various stages of development. These pictures were somewhat crudely attached to a plywood panel with Velcro, which was simply no longer acceptable with the updated display. The DC manager and I discussed a better way to display the pictures, and I suggested a ship with the pictures arranged so that they looked like faces peering out of portholes. Someone pointed out that the new location of the display panel would actually place the sub in a context that was below the surface. From there, the decision to make a submarine rather than a ship was obvious.

I cut the submarine from a single piece of Baltic birch, overlaid router guides and smoothed the edges. A little obvious, perhaps, but I couldn’t resist painting the submarine yellow. But while it’s a good color for the area, it didn’t pop off the beige background, so I painted the edges black to provide visual relief. The outline gave the sub a cartoony appearance which I liked quite a bit – another in a career-long series of happy accidents. I arranged the pictures so that the adult view was in the conning tower – apart from the others – and the increasingly clear infant views were arranged along the hull.