Clearing the Pucks

One problem with activities such as this is that the pucks must be removed from the slots for the next visitor.  I used a pretty straightforward system here.  If the “Check Answer” button is pressed when all the pucks are in the CORRECT place, it sets off a series of timers seen here:

These timers energize the “Correct!” light, the “Auto Reset” light and – in descending order – the 3, 2, 1 lights.  After the “1” light is energized, the last timer energizes the motor relay, which activates the motor seen here:

This motor is connected to the shaft with a chain.  The shaft has magnets on it, which can be seen in this close up:

When the motor is energized, it drives the shaft which causes the shaft magnets to swing around so that their north pole aligns with the north pole of the ejection magnets in the pucks.  This action forces the pucks out of their slots.