A kiosk where visitors can take pictures of their ears, measure them with a computer program, and compare them to the ears of others on a computer-generated graph.  It must be more fun than it sounds because this kiosk gets about 200 hits per day.  (We know because the ear-measuring program stores all the data the visitors enter. ) As an interesting aside, we tried this exhibit first with noses, and very few visitors would participate. Apparently, people do not like to take pictures of their noses, but have no problem storing images of their ears in a database.  Go figure.

Concept drawing for EarCam arm.

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Poor vision is frequently caused by the condition wherein one’s retina is no longer located in the lens’s focal plane. This displacement can be either in front of the focal plane (hyperopia), or behind it (myopia). For this project, I wanted to show how the location of the retina could affect the focus of an image and how corrective lenses are used to compensate for these conditions.

Check out this riveting – riveting! – video of the Sliding Retina.

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