MARCbot Construction

Original concept drawing.  It was quickly determined that this design would not work in the space.

I made a rough cardboard mock-up of a new design.  This allowed the Cahners Computer Place manager and me to move it around and determine a good placement.

MARCbot car (in which is hidden a faux bomb) and the control panel placement we determined outlined in masking tape.

After determining the new placement, I redesigned the control panel as above.

Construction begins on the new kiosk design. At this point, pretty straight-forward cabinetry with some ¾ birch plywood.

A little progress is made with the control panel substrate. Ultimately, the MARCbot control unit will sit in the hole seen here on the slanted surface.

“Blast shield” module with control circuitry and motor drive visible. Unknown to me at the time, this module would undergo a major rework.

The exhibit begins to resemble the concept drawings.  A few more weeks of testing, and it will be on the floor.

The final product, in place.